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  • Interior photography Client’s first impression may be the decisive moment and catching his eye is often key to the successful transaction. Professional photography is essential. It makes the property stand out, holding both promotional and information value. The look and quantity of pictures should be chosen according to the size and features of the property.
  • Publishing on real estate listings To maximize reach of our adverts we publish them on all major real estate listings - altogether they have over 6 million users monthly. Selected offers are also promoted via social media. We offer both publication and active promotion that makes the advert more visible and it reaches more visitors of each website. The advert is published for 30 days, with a possibility to extend that period.

  • Property description Description co-creates client’s first impression. It needs to be neat and specific to answer client’s basic questions and encourage him to contact the seller. We do bilingual descriptions.
  • Floor plans Floor plan is a valuable information for the client, (especially important with unfurnished properties). If you don’t have one, we can get it done.
  • Private listing website Private website gives you extra chance to showcase your property. It also allows for easy sharing outside listings - among your contacts and on social media. The website is published for 3 months, with a possibility of extending that period. View examples here
  • Outdoor banner Banner is a basic tool for showcasing your property to the neighborhood and passersby. We have several templates, please contact us to get detailed information.
  • Contract templates We give our client access to a database of useful bilingual templates – lease & sale contracts, protocols, etc.
  • Broker consultancy Experienced broker may help do valuation of the property based on its features, condition and market prices of similar properties.