We are Promohome

Promohome is not a real estate agency and we are not brokers. However, we know the real estate market thoroughly, being specialists in photography and marketing at the same time.

We’ve worked with real estate for years

We have worked for the leading real estate companies in Cracow and Warsaw, playing important role in their success. Promohome is a conclusion of our observation – we noticed that a lot of deals on the real estate market could easily take place without brokerage.

We also know that adverts found on listing sites are often poorly presented – with poor quality pictures and misinforming descriptions they are not very effective and quickly disappear among mass of similar offers. We can change that.

Get to know us

  • Andrzej Szopa


    He tried to find his path studying economics and cultural studies but ultimately he found it in photography. He specializes in interior, architectural, portrait and documentary photography mastering his skills in commercial work for over 5 years.

    In private he constantly explores world of electronic music, gradually fills his very personal bookcase and finds pleasure in sharing good coffee with good friends.

  • Przemek Matląg


    Qualified engineer who made photography both his passion and work. Dealing with interior photography for several years, he has been a pioneer of real estate photography in Poland. He develops his skills as a student of Institute of Creative Photography in Opava, Czech Republic.

    Przemek is a fan of good and unusual food, music festivals and well designed objects.

  • Daniel Chojnacki

    marketing specialist

    For several years Daniel was head of marketing in leading real estate company in Cracow. Afterwards he has developed his skills specializing in internet advertising. He uses his combined skills managing advertising and marketing in Promohome.

    Apart from marketing and real estate market, Daniel’s favorite topics are old cars, new computers and contemporary cinema.


Promohome is a sum of our skills, experience and market analysis.

Each of us has a background that is a unique blend of specialization in his field and knowledge of real estate market.

Our aim is to offer clients’ services with real value. Thanks to our innovative business model we can offer top quality at very competitive prices which is our advantage over traditional commission-based real estate companies.

What services do we offer?

We can work for you