We reinvent real estate marketing

Promohome is online real estate marketing, that makes your property visible to 6 millions of potential clients

Our services define a new way of selling or renting your property. We help you, the owner, find potential clients without agency middleman.

We provide a professionally prepared sales offer and present it to over 6 millions users across the most popular real estate listing sites in Poland, such as morizon.pl, OLX nieruchomości, domiporta.pl, dom.gratka.pl or domy.pl

Promohome is not a real estate agent or agency. We do not charge commission, but offer specific set of services.

What we do?

We organize professional photoshoots, prepare the listings and publish them on the biggest real estate listing sites. Every advert contains contact details of the seller.

Our services are tailored to the way real estate market works. The key to success is reaching the client (through listing websites), attract their attention (thanks to top quality photos) and providing them with a thorough information about the property.

Our services

  • Interior photography Professional photoshoot carried out by an experienced photographer
  • Publishing on real estate listings Publishing or active promotion throughout 21 most important real estate listings in Poland

Additional services:

  • Property description
  • Floor plans
  • Private listing website
  • Outdoor banner
  • Contract templates
  • Broker consultancy

See how we can present your property

What are our advantages?

Low cost

We offer a specific set of services for a fixed price. There are no hidden fees or commission charges.

Professional service

We are experts in our fields, working in real estate market for many years. We are an experienced team, and treat every client individually.


Usefulness is our priority. You can pick exactly the service you need.